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Scrap Gold


With gold prices hitting record highs nearly every day, selling scrap gold is a quick and hassle free way to get some extra cash.  Typically our customers bring in scrap gold in the form of old, broken jewelry, especially since many they feel the cost of replacing the gold is not worth what we could buy the scrap gold for.  Scrap gold can be anywhere from 10 karat to 24 karat gold in the form of gold jewelry, gold coins, and other sources, including gold décor, gold teeth and other dental gold, and even some electronics parts.  The prices we buy scrap gold at are the best available, and our customers appreciate the attention to detail and courteous service.  We inspect the gold and look for the quality and weight of the gold before buying it.

 Our expert staff will inspect the gold and take the time to explain our process so that our customers are well informed once we make an offer.  The methods we use to buy scrap gold are very transparent and simple, which ensures our customers are well informed when making their decision.


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