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Silver Coins

Silver coins are a popular way to invest in silver.  Silver has a lower price per ounce compared to gold which makes buying silver coins a cheaper path to begin investing in precious metals.  Selling silver coins is a relatively simple way to quickly get some extra money.  Silver is more volatile than gold, however like gold, its value grows over time.  Many people are buying silver coins and selling silver coins to lock in today’s prices or maximize their return on their investment in the future.  The silver coins we buy can be from all over the world, however we frequently buy silver minted coins from the United States and Canada. Many newly minted silver coins are well documented in terms of the amount of silver in them which makes them relatively easy to price for our customers.  The prices we buy silver coins at are the best in Houston, and our customers appreciate our attention to detail and outstanding service.  We inspect the silver coins and look for the quality and weight of the silver before buying it.

Our staff will inspect the silver coins and explain our how we price and process the coins that our customers are well informed once we make an offer.  The methods we use to buy silver coins are very transparent and simple, which ensures our customers are well informed when making their decision.

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